Quadra Collective is a Brazilian design shop presenting minimalist art prints.


Founded by Diogo Akio, a multidisciplinary creative and designer, Quadra Collective was originally founded as design studio in 2013. Later, the art print shop emerged from his desire to present design that could be part of peoples' lives, not as communication nor as a tool, but as a pleasant and meaningful visual intervention at peoples' favourites spaces.


Less is enough

We believe that minimalism relieves us from the massive amount of information and heavy visual communication that we are exposed every day. It’s a way of recovering our sensibility on seeing meaning and beauty in the simple. It kindly asks us for more time and patience to observe, reflect and understand things we are surrounded by.


Simple is meaningful

The appreciation for simplicity that we have with form is also presented in the content of all art prints. Subjects like focus, meditation, contemplation and pleasant experiences manifest our mindset as brand, and above all, as human beings.