The Smell of Coffee Blooming


Diogo Akio
June 2016

A tribute to one of the best moments in the ritual of drinking coffee: the smell of the coffee blooming. The moment when hot water first hits the grounds, and make them bubble and rise. One of the best smells in life is when the gases in the coffee are purged, and the extraction starts. The artwork is a visual interpretation of this very intense and sublime feeling.

  • 230g Matte Photo Paper
  • Digital printing
  • Not included
  • Hand-signed by the artist

About the artist

Diogo is an independent multidisciplinary creative and designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. His work is known for its simplicity in form, but expressive in meaning. He’s interested in the complexity of minimal. When there aren’t many resources, few graphics have a big responsability. He believes that in a world of excess, there aren’t many things as valuable as saying much with less.